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Awesome game but when are you going to release new levels? This is a five star game, but until I can transfer my progress to a new device, it's getting one star. I've completed all the puzzles, but I had to start over. My old device can no longer update the game because it's got too old an iOS, so even though I'm continuing to play on there to keep my progress, I'm eventually going to lose it all once the game no longer supports my old device entirely. PLEASE give us a way to log in to an account or something so we can transfer that progress to a new device.

This is a challenging game for individuals and groups Once the difficulty level increases. I miss the monthly themed daily puzzles. It a really good learning game I have so much fun with it it probably my favorite game so far. Love the game but very, very tired of having to start from the beginning every time I get a new device. I am on level with coins and just upgraded to the new iPhone Xs Max. Now all my progress is gone! This is an excellent game but everytime I change my phone I have to start over.

Please add an option to create an account so we don't lose progress when we change devices. Yet there is a slight problem.


4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level - What's The Word Answers

That helps me get back to the game as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention. And maybe reply this ASAP: Love this game! I love playing this game! Because the constant ads are that annoying and frustrating. Easy and fun! Enjoying it a lot. Works for playing in small increments, like waiting for the bus. Love the game!!!!! Concept and execution is terrific. I can only get one or two words and it closes. I start again, and the same thing happens.

4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level 369

Never crashes during the very frequent ads. My favorite daily puzzle. Keeps your brain young and exercised. Gave it to my mom who is experiencing memory loss and it actually helped her memory improve. This is a fun game but it offers to upgrade to a premium with no ads but it never allows you to do it. Still stuck with annoying game ads. Very good and interesting game. Add a lot to you culture and knowledge in different languages and regions in the world.

4 Pics 1 Word Levels 301-315 Answers

I went through the French version until nr Still with the English one but unfortunately there is no Arabic version. Love to unwind after a busy day playing 4 Pics 1 Word. Pics are well-thought out and offer fun challenges to keep your brain active. This is my favorite app! Question for you: If so, how? Keep up the good work! I love the game, but recently now every time I open the game on my ipad it is asking me for the password to the itunes store? Is this normal? Why would your app 4 pics 1 word be doing this? Please developers I need your help Everything about this game is horrible!

This was not the first time that this has he opened. It already happened has 5 times. I used to like it but know it is just like to easy. I have passed all of the levels and I have to wait forever for more. I am over it. I also want to call it 4 ads 1 word. As in there are so many ads. Need more puzzles.. It's getting old waiting on 4P1W to create more than 30 - 40 puzzles for each new update. Solving the daily is hardly enough to entertain me. This is a 5 star app producing 1 star updates, so for the simple reason I only use this app for a minute each day, I give this app 2 stars; 1 for small updates, and 1 to grow on.

Years of fun so far but what is Prestige Mode? I have been playing 4 Pics 1 Word for years. I enjoyed it so much, I bought the premium edition early on to get rid of ads and give the game my vote of support. Before I choose Prestige Mode, would it be possible to find out what It is? Thanks for the response! Thanks for the years of enjoyment and for keeping the game fresh and fun!

Love this game but I can barely play it. Almost no adds. Not a money trap. Worth your time. If you don't read and just watch tv, etc. This puzzle game among others is good to help do that! No problems yet, except last night when I tried to turn it off on my iPhone, it didn't want to turn off, and once I did get it to turn off, the sound kept playing in the background, lol!

All it took was a reset of the phone and it went back to normal. When I purchase a game app I always pay the cost so there will not be the constant interruptions of advertisements. However, I replaced my iPad recently and now all this game does is run ads. Every so many ad screens it tells me I can upgrade to a premium package for a price which I have tried to do but it continuously tells me I have no internet connection What a joke these apps are! Picture word is a great game to play. Please help! Please fix this issue!!! I love this game.

Absolutely loved it. But I was absolutely powerless to stop a pornographic add from popping up on my screen. I was absolutely shocked and horrified. Children play this game. Parents I do not recommend this game unless you want to subject your kids to unreviewed ads that appropriate for anyone at all.

It widens your observational and associative skills. Challenging at times. But it must be making more creases in the gray matter.


This kind of skill is invaluable - in business, in life.. I will put a reminder in my calendar to check back in in 4 weeks and report if I have climbed some abstract mountain or conquered or refined my capabilities in these sorts of affairs. Beside, it is fun - play it together with someone - either 2 person team vs 2 person team -- add a timer for an edge.

4 Pics 1 Word All Answers (Part 7, 301-350)

Or play as a group to see who gets it right first. Or just 2 of you - plainly finding that you end up giggling at 3 am from the things you have to say about it. Lots of fun, with limitations I love playing this game and border on addiction to it! I find the worst part of playing to be that the system runs out of new puzzles frequently!

I move along, solving puzzles and get a screen telling me there are no more puzzles at this time and I must wait for the company to make more, new puzzles! It takes seemingly forever for new puzzles to be released! Finally, I am able to download new puzzles, but once again, they run out and I have a loooong wait for them to generate more! I opened up this app for the first time in a long time and was disappointed to find that most of the puzzles are too easy; their answers are too obvious. So disappointing! Also, the transition from one puzzle to the next is too slow.

Next, I would like a button that drops all of the letters back down when I get an incorrect answer on one of the few puzzles that is challenging. In summary, you may need to change the age range and the puzzles to a higher level in order to keep adults challenged and playing. Over time I have used about 6 or more iPhones, I loose some and upgrade some. First time I got the app, I had to wait for the next update to continue cos I had finished all. This made me loose interest completely. It was easier before, now we have to screenshot it! Developers, Please find a way so we can store our progress, probably link it to fb, an email, or we could also create an account with your app too.

Please and please. I wish they would get rid of the ads!! I know you can buy the thing to get rid of ads, but after every 3 puzzles,BOOM!!! An ad. It gets really annoying and I just want to get rid of the app. The ad that keeps popping up is Toon Blast, so please could you get rid of it. It makes me want to get rid of the app and go play Pictoword, which by the way, is super fun and you should definitely play it.

But please, get rid of the ads. But, other than the ads popping up every 3 puzzles, the game is fun, and I definitely recommend it to many people. So, please get rid of the ads, but otherwise, the game is miraculously fun, and everyone will have fun and enjoy this game. The game is okay. I felt most of the puzzles were too easy. However, the multiplayer mode adds a time component which makes the puzzles a little more challenging. You compete against another play to solve 5 puzzles, moving up or down in the "leagues" depending on if you solve more puzzles than your opponent.

The adds in single player mode are much too frequent. It plays a second ad every three puzzles. Since most of the puzzles are easy, I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. In the multiplayer mode the ads come every 5 puzzles. I found the frequency of ads in multiplayer mode more tolerable because they coincide with the end of each round of competition. Fun, but those pictures I like playing this! Sometimes way too easy and many times impossible to get the connection.

The word associated with all 4 pics is sometimes a huge stretch in at least one picture. I did not take a star away for that but I did for these 3 flaws, and rated it thusly: Loses a star because you SHOULD be able to click on the individual picture and then click again to enlarge that picture. Sometimes you just can't tell what the picture is supposed to be!! Also loses a star because you should be able to scramble the letters to get different configurations.

Loses one last star because you should be able to drag the letters to any position as opposed to only be able to click on them in sequence. The best! I started playing this with a grandchild several years ago, got pretty far, changed phones and had to start over, and have just reached level I find this game relaxing, challenging, and a great mental workout. I came to the App Store to leave this feedback. Good work!

Level 257 to 384 answers for 4 Pics 1 Word - Lotum GMBH

I remembered when me and my mom would solve these problems together, and it was so fun. We would think together what they could mean. I hate it, after level 30, I deleted it, ugh. I have already completed over 4 pics and a word puzzles and had almost coins accumulated. I had trouble with my phone and had to get it reset. When I put your app back on my phone from my purchased apps in the App Store, it started me all over again with the same puzzles.

I would like to continue using the app but refuse to redo all of those same puzzles again. How can I start from where I left off or at least get all new puzzles? I love this game! This game makes me want to think a lot and I love spelling but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to spell the words I love the pictures that gives you a clue. If you are new at this then I hope you do good.

Because when I did it it was really fun to play this game. I think this is one if my favorite games.

Level 257 to 384 Answers

I see this game a lot and I am like I want this game so bad and my dad is always deleting this same game and I keep getting it back so I can play on it!! I love this app, but came across a real goof up today. I couldn't figure out today's daily puzzle which is unusual and it wasn't the word I was convinced it was I finally used my coins to delete unnecessary alphabets, select a right letter extra etc to get the answer which is a typo. Even Merriam Webster corrected the spelling to what I had been trying to input from the beginning.

I've got screenshots of the incorrect word and the results from my search for it's meaning.

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While generally great, more attention needs to be given to not making spelling mistakes. Way too many ads. But ultimately, when I tried to get back into it and surpass my high score, I was met with an ad every rounds that took about 30 seconds each. And then another one with a 5- or second timer on t. Like I said i really enjoy this game and iv had it for quite a while now. It would really be a shame to have to let it go, I hope the developers fix this issue. I just loaded this game with the hope it would give my mind a workout and I can say it is definitely challenging but doable.

I'm finding it hard to stop playing and with the multiplayer game I've invited a friend to play along with me. I have not heard back so cannot report on if playing with another player is just as fun or more fun. I really liked this game until I learned that when I upgraded to a new iphone, I had to start the game over. All of my other games saved my progress under my user name login. Your support person confirmed that indeed, players are forced to start over.

And when trying to submit this review, it said my nickname is taken. I love this game and have had it on my device for a long time. I completed thousands of puzzles. About 2 days ago the icon darkened and when I tapped to open it the word "waiting" appeared. I could not open it. So, after much thought I decided to delete the app and download again. Problem is, I lose all my data and have to start over. Did anyone else e ER report this problem? Great thinking game! I fell in my yard a few months ago and fractured my neck in two places.

So, with traumatic brain injury, I've undergone SP and OT therapies to work on cognitive functioning. This game is great, in that it challenges my brain to think. Even when I get frustrated with my inability to find a solution, if I get another pair of eyes on the puzzle, we can usually figure it out. Rather than the need to purchase coins, I'd like to see the option to just purchase it outright.

Is that going to be possible? I love solving the puzzles. I would like to know why it takes so long to get new puzzles to download once I have completed all available levels? For the next download I plan on stretching the time it takes to solve puzzles. This means I will play less often. A shame because I like playing. I have an iPhone7. Dear 4 pics 1 word team, Thank you for putting together his app.

It is great but I have a few suggestions. Could you make multiplayer internet free? Also, is it possible for you reward players with coins when they get achievements? A girl is sewing,a girl is on a bicycle with dad,a girl playing the piano but only can see the legs and one more…. Level a helicopter lifting a boat, girl with binoculars, guy with magnifine glass up to eye, and girls eyes. It is not APE. Please help. Scale, weights, another type of scale, and piece of paper with a 20 on it. Need help with a picture of a man holding a mic,something that appears to b spaekers And a round juicing barrel and so type of machinery it has5 letters.

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