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  1. Manually Setting the Browser Defaults
  2. Something Unexpected Went Wrong with This URL When Clicking Hyperlink in Outlook
  3. Microsoft's Fix for Outlook's 'General Failure' Error for E-Mail Links
  4. Resolved - [Application not found when clicking on URL in Windows Mail] | WindowsBBS

If you allow HTML emails in your client, you will of course receive emails with clickable hyperlinks inside which can be clicked on, and the link is automatically opened in your default web browser. For Microsoft Outlook users, you could get a popup error that says:. Other email clients such as The Bat! Installing or uninstalling web browsers are the most common cause of this problem. The simplest way to rid yourself of this error is to change the default web browser in Windows. When you make your favorite browser the default it sets itself up to open all URL links you click on.

If IE is your default browser and the General Failure problem occurs, you can make something else like Chrome or Firefox your default browser first, and then make IE the default again afterwards. If Chrome or Firefox is your default you can make IE the default first and then do the same. Open your previously chosen default browser like Chrome or Firefox and hopefully it should now ask if you would like to make it the default again, simply select Yes and it should fix your problem.

If not you can manually do so below. If Internet Explorer or Firefox is installed as your preferred browser and you also have Chrome installed, you can easily make it the default browser temporarily to reset the settings.

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  • Fix General Failure when Open Link or URL from Outlook and Windows Mail.

With Chrome open, click the Menu button 3 horizontal lines and select Settings. Like the other browsers, you can use Firefox to reset the default browser settings so they can be automatically reconfigured again, hopefully fixing the issue. If you regularly receive FTP links, that protocol can be ticked also.

This is a well known fix for getting your hyperlinks working again but applies only if you have Mozilla Firefox installed. In the right pane, double click the Default value to bring up the Edit String window. If the value data is anything other that blank, delete the contents and click OK. Alternatively, to avoid playing in the registry, simply download the zipped. REG file below and double click on the file inside to import into the registry. Simply download the zip and run the. REG file inside to register the chosen browser. Hi, We have one record link in outlook body,When we click onto this link it should open the record in our desktop application.

Manually Setting the Browser Defaults

For window 8 it is working fine,Please help me within last 1 week i am trying. I use chrome. It took over my home page and default search. Once I got rid of that and deleted that folder, this error started frustrating me. Thanks to Raymond on the registry fix for Firefox.

This is brilliant. This is a fresh reinstallation of Windows 7 The values in Regedit are blank, as you suggested. Any further suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Something Unexpected Went Wrong with This URL When Clicking Hyperlink in Outlook

I just used your fix for the general fail message and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much. God bless. The solution was to reinstall Firefox. It is a matter of great dissatisfaction that uninstalling Firefox does not return the condition of the software to that which existed before it was installed! Very good! Ever since I went back to Firefox 2. Facing a tech roadblock? Get the help and guidance you need from experienced professionals who care.

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Microsoft's Fix for Outlook's 'General Failure' Error for E-Mail Links

Individual SMB Enterprise. Log In. Sign Up. Web Browsers Web Browsers. Outlook error opening and a url General Failure: I have cleaned Windows 7 thoroughly, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, hijack this etc. Repaired Office , and I still get the error: Who is Participating? Solutions Learn More Through Courses.

Resolved - [Application not found when clicking on URL in Windows Mail] | WindowsBBS

Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Enjoy your complimentary solution view. Get this solution by purchasing an Individual license! Start your 7-day free trial. I wear a lot of hats LVL Gareth Gudger Solution Architect Commented: This article discusses problems opening Hyperlinks in Outlook and That didn't work. I noticed that resetting internet explorer that I get a red x on applying computer settings.

I've tried running as administrator, and in safe mode. Still cannot reset.

What happens if you uninstall Safari? Download the guide.